Hydrogen Water Generator

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Product Introduction




Cup Body

Hydrogen Production Base

Start Button

Type C Charging Jack


Cup Body

Hydrogen Production Base

This water cup adopts a segmented design, which is the cup cover, cup body and the hydrogen production base, which can be disassembled for independent cleaning.

Silicon Plug

Remove the Silicon Plug when in use


Notice: It is normal that there is water in the hydrogen production base of the new water cup. Water is to protect the ion membrane from being damaged, so it is necessary to ensure that the ion membrane is soaked in water.

Pressure Relief Vent

Exhaust Vent

Do not block this vent!
Water level cannot submerge
this vent during working!

1. Do not block this vent!
2. It is normal phenomenon if there
is water droplet overflow.

Do not wash, flush or soak the hydrogen production base with water. That will cause damage the components.

Notice: Please wipe with wet cloth to clean the outside hydrogen production base.

Hydrogen Outlet Thread

Can be docked with a mineral water bottle of 30mm diameter
(e.g. Spritzer 500ml Bottle)

when making hydrogen with a mineral water bottle, water level cannot be too high. Please keep the water level above 3cm from the bottle mouth, and the working time must be within 10 minutes, otherwise the device will be damaged.

Product Parameter

Hydrogen Water Generator

Model : TY-700

Product Size : 
D61mm × L195mm

Capacity : 240ml
Power : DC 5V / 2A
Battery Capacity : 750mAh
Charging Cable :
Type-C Cable

Product Model     : TY-700

Product Size         :  D61mm × L195mm

Capacity                : 240ml

Power                    : DC 5V / 2A

Battery Capacity  : 750mAh

Charging Cable    : Type-C Cable

Hydrogen Water Generator


Do not use hot water ≥60℃ for hydrogen production or cleaning, otherwise the electrolyzer will be damaged.

It is recommended to use purified water or distilled water.

Avoid dropping the device to prevent damage and affecting normal use.

Ensure the cup body and the hydrogen production base are tightened before filling drinking water to avoid leakage.

The water level must not submerge the cup cover when filling water to prevent blocking the pressure relief vent.

Tighten the cup cover when producing hydrogen to prevent rapid hydrogen leakage.

Please fill water to keep the cup soaked in water when not used for a long time to prevent damage. ( It is recommended to plug the original silicone plug back into the cup to keep the ion membrane soaked in water.)


Hydrogen Production Operation Step

Long press the START button for 3 seconds, and the light is on.

A BEEP sound indicates that the device is turned on and working, the water in the cup will be bubbling. (Do not turn it on when there is no water in the cup to prevent damage.)

Default working time is 5 minutes.

After finishing hydrogen production, the device will automatically turn off and the light is off.

When producing hydrogen, long press START button for 3 seconds to turn off.






A flashing red light indicates low power. Please plug in charging cable and charge. Please reuse after charging.

A long red light indicates charging.

A long green light indicates full charge.




Do not use while charging to prevent affecting the service life of the battery.

Charging Light